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Lottie Evans

Breathwork Facilitator

Service & Availability

Deep // Slow Breathwork


Hi there! 

I’m Lottie, a Bournemouth based Breathwork Facilitator, working both in person and online. I discovered breathwork through therapy, having experienced panic and anxiety through trauma. I knew as soon as I did my first session that the healing powers of breathwork were something that I wanted to work with and share with others. I have studied with Dan Brule, Wim Hoff and will also be qualified as a facilitator through Make Some Breathing Space in September this year (2022). Breathwork has accelerated my healing journey and given me incredible self awareness - who knew, you don’t need to travel around the world to find yourself! I feel incredibly blessed to now be helping others on their journeys too using this incredible tool.

I offer both 1:1 and group coaching, in person and online. 1:1 sessions are client led, each session is based around you and what you would like to breathe in to, be it more energy, focus, relaxation or clearing emotion or trauma. Group sessions are based around a type of breathwork or theme. Both 1:1s and group sessions can be adapted to suit all.

Breathwork is for and available to anyone and everyone. There is a technique for every aim and every ailment. It's possibilities are endless. It is a perfect tool for life, and for anyone wanting to grow, heal, calm, learn more about themselves, gain clarity and thrive!

Breathwork is a useful and powerful tool. Expect to learn a bit about the breath and the body, to learn a new technique and to spend some of our time together (normally around half an hour) working with a technique - this could be for relaxation or clarity, or for really digging deep, depending on the intention or aim.

Lottie Evans
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