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About Shelley

Shelley was born in Africa, to British parents, a child of the sun, a free spirit and full of joy and energy. I always felt connected to everyone and everything from my first memory. Taking delight in the force of life moving through me as to dancer to raver to fitness instructor, all the while my consciousness growing me towards the philosophy and practice of yoga, until now being able to share it as a teacher. 

Having lived through a diverse variety of experiences in my life’s, I learn to appreciate the present moment as it is, but it’s a practice! I am a mum of three boys and juggle the balance of parenting, work and self-practice on a daily basis.

We are always learning and I sit in my car of life’s rollercoaster with an open heart and mind, sometimes loving it and sometimes gritting my teeth, like all of us. Having experienced the confusion of compulsion, addiction, emotional crisis and fear, I now have a sense of balance where there was instability. Peace where there was turmoil. Freedom where I had felt without choice and love where i had felt lost. I practice flowing with the ups and downs with less resistance and attachment, (and that requires daily attention – ha!). I make an effort to be observant of what is actually happening rather than my preconceived perceptions over riding the truth of the moment. 

Not taking myself too seriously, rather seeing the funny side of my humanity and having a go at this thing called life wholeheartedly. Yoga is a beautiful landscape for all aspects of a human life to be explored.

Shelley Shine