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Tamsin Finn

Yoga Teacher

Service & Availability

Thank Goddess its Friday - XL class - Gentle and rejuvenating

Fourth Friday of each month

19:00 - 21:00 - (120 minute class)


About Tamsin

I am Tamsin Finn. I am a mum, a step-mum, a step-grandmum, a wife, a daughter, a friend (of both humans and dogs), a psychiatrist (St Ann’s Hospital Acute Assessment Unit) and a yogi.

In a past life I have been a biochemist, a university lecturer (Manchester), an obstetrician & gynaecologist, a forensic medical examiner (Manchester Sexual Assault Centre), an addictions psychiatrist, a perinatal psychiatrist, a forensic psychiatrist, and a single working mum.

After attending a local teachers class (the wonderful Hayley Gummery) for over a decade, I saw the light and trained to be a yoga teacher under Hayley’s tuition and the British Wheel of Yoga.  I am indebted to yoga for restoring the balance in my life - goodbye chaos!

Anyone who practices Yoga is aware of the positive impact on stress. Scientific data is accumulating, with plausible physiological and psychological mechanisms proposed as to how yoga has a beneficial effect on chronic stress and enhancing general wellbeing. Research suggests that physical activity (asana), relaxation, stretching and breathing control are associated with beneficial effects on our nervous system and stress response. Yoga provides a complex combination of each of these modalities.  It can be postulated that the positive effect of each modality may be synergistic in nature, with yoga as a whole having unique health benefits.

Those of us who know this, instinctively, are not waiting for science to catch up. What begins on the yoga mat can permeate through all areas of our lives.

About the class/Session

Let your week drift away and find the space to reconnect with your inner Goddess.

This XL class offers a gentle and rejuvenating yoga practice with much focus on the breath and a journey into meditation. Hannah & Tamsin with their expertise, will bring both eastern and western approaches to the class. After a gentle physical practice, there will be time to sit, chat and enjoy the nurturing and supportive atmosphere that is created by a circle of women. The class will be guided by a monthly topic or activity or simply led by the group. Together we create a safe space to delve a little deeper into the sacred feminine, discussing how best to tackle specific feminine issues of today.

Wine & nibbles provided to enhance the flow of discussion! (Optional 😉 or herbal tea if you’d prefer)

The class is suitable for all from beginners to seasoned yogis.

So come along to chill, chat and have a cheeky tipple (it is Friday night after all).

Tamsin Finn
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