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LeAnanda Yoga & Therapy Room Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the terms applicable for hiring of facilities at LeAnanda Yoga Studios for holistic therapy, Pilates, Meditation, or similar disciplines.

1.  Contracting Parties

1a        Leanne Jones (LJ) manages the LeAnanda Yoga & Therapy Facilities at Walford Studios on behalf of Rempark Limited.

1b        All hire payments are made to Leanne Jones as mentioned in this document on behalf of Rempark.

1c         Those hiring facilities (“hirers”) are Self Employed contractors in business on their own account.

1d.       Students or clients are anyone other than LeAnanda Yoga or the Hirer.

2.     Room Rental Options & Rates

2a        These rates do not include VAT and no VAT is currently payable.

2b        Payment is via BACS to:


LEANNE JONES (If this doesn’t work try LV JONES)

ACCOUNT: 66663935

SORT CODE: 09-01-29

2c         There are 3 ways in which you can rent the room/use the space/become part of the tribe (see 2e for rates)

            2ci) Join our Pay Monthly Programme and pay fixed rate monthly by standing order

            2cii) Join our Percentage Split programme and share 40% of your takings with LeAnanda Yoga as room rental

            2iii) Make Adhoc bookings a minimum of 24hrs in advance and paid in advance

2d)       The hire fee includes use of studio/therapy equipment where available. Towels, sheets and oils or anything specific to your practice are not included these must be provided and if required laundered by the hirer. 

 2e) Different rental programmes are available as follows (with differing features and benefits to be discussed in person)

Play Full out Programme - £75 12 hours a day per week = £300 a month

Next Level Programme - £55 8hrs a day per week = £220 a month

Self empowerment programme - £30 3hrs a day per week = £120 a month

The grow Programme - £25 2hrs a day per week = £100 a month

The investigative Programme - £30 2hrs a day Adhoc

3) For ALL Monthly Programmes & Adhoc Bookings 

3a)       You must include set up & close in your time slot, hence minimum session of 2hrs is required so there is no delay to the person coming in after you. We do not have the administrative resources to calculate adhoc 15/30min slots so please don’t ask.

3b)       All bookings must be pre-agreed with LeAnanda Yoga and must not be in conflict of interest with LeAnanda Yoga (Eg no yoga/pilates/adult group work that will directly compete with what is on in the studio. Nobody wants to splits sales, we all need to compliment what we’re collectively doing or add another dimension.) It may be that there is space in the Yoga studio timetable for your class in which case you will fall under the Percentage split programme. Please discuss with Leanne.

3c)       All Therapy bookings will be done through the Fresha calendar, which you will be sent details of.

3d) LeAnanda Yoga will not be responsible for contacting your clients should you have to cancel. This is your responsibility.

3e)       You benefit from being able to book additional adhoc slots at your session hourly rate so you can book in at adhoc times but you will be charged if not cancelled with 24hrs.

3f)        We recommend you take a deposit from your clients in advance, so you are not out of pocket if they cancel last minute.

4) Covid Cancellation:

4a)       Due to the uncertain times, you will not incur a cancellation fee If you have covid 19. However, please do not use this an excuse, that will not be looked upon well (refer to Goddess ways of working that include truthfulness).

4b)       If you cannot make your booking for 4 weeks or more due to covid we have the right to rent your timeslot to someone else either on a temporary or permanent basis, but we will discuss this openly & honestly at the time.

5) Pay Monthly Programmes

5a)       Cancellation of your regular booking requires 2 months written notice to LeAnanda Yoga, more if possible. You will not be charged for cancellation up to Sept 22.

5b)       You will be invoiced for a part month (depending on when you start in the month) for your first month and then please set up a standing order for your regular payment to go out on the 1st of the month going forwards, so payment is made in advance.

5c)       From Sept 22 As you are paying in advance, & If you cancel your session your final months payment will be used cancellation fee. You can use the facilities until 14th of the month, but not after. Therefore, the cancellation fee is 50% of you monthly fee.

5d)       All additional adhoc bookings are to be managed by yourself in the Fresha Calendar once your regular time slot has been agreed and set up with LeAnanda Yoga and paid 24hr in advance.

6) Adhoc irregular Bookings

6a)       The Google calendar link is above to book yourself in with prior agreement from LeAnanda Yoga

6b)       You must pay 24hrs in advance by Bank transfer to LEANNE JONES as per the account details above, this is not refundable.

6c)        If you make a booking in the Google calendar and fail to cancel it out before 24hr notice period, you will be charged for it.

6d)       If you are hiring the room on the 60/40 percentage split basis you must tell LeAnanda Yoga what fee you are charging your client so you can be invoiced accordingly.

7.Provisional Adhoc Bookings

7a)       If you have a tentative client, it may be a good idea to “Pencil in”/Provisionally book your slot on the calendar in case someone else so all are aware & so the room doesn’t get double booked at the last minute. But please be aware you will be charged for it, if not cancelled.

8. Website & Marketing

8a)       As a regular hiring practitioner, we can add your profile and contact details on our website and display your marketing materials in the studio hallway for an annual marketing fee of £35 (Because it costs us between £25 & £35 an hour for each person added to the site) This takes an incredible amount of time and energy to sort so please only commit to this if you genuinely wish to grow your business with the LeAnanda Yoga tribe.

8b)       A form will be sent to you complete with the info required. Please return as soon as possible. Your details will not be added immediately. LeAnanda Yoga work with a separate agency to manage the website, we will do our best to get you up as quickly as possible and within reason. Therefore, we really suggest giving your venture a minimum 6 months to get off the ground.

9 – Licences and Insurance

9a        All hirers must have public liability insurance to cover injuries sustained to their students during classes/sessions. Proof of up-to-date insurance must be provided to LJ before commencing sessions and re-sent as & when a new policy is adopted.

9b        All hirers are encouraged to have up to date first aid training.

9c         LeAnanda Yoga does not hold licences for playing recorded or live music.  Hirers using music must ensure they have appropriate licences such as PRS/PPL or are playing royalty free music.

9d)       Please keep register of attendance for all in class/or in treatment, to go with your insurance. These may be requested by LeAnanda Yoga at any time.

10 – Ownership of Students, Publicity and Mailing Lists

10a       The hirer owns their own students/clients and are free to teach/treat them elsewhere.

10b.     If a hirers client makes contact with LeAnanda Yoga directly or books a class in the studio they will also be added to the LeAnanda Yoga mailing list. The hirer accepts the student/client will receive publicity about other LeAnanda Yoga classes/events/therapy. Please encourage clients to sign up to your own & LeAnanda Yoga mailing list for our community to benefit from all we collectively have to offer.

10c)      The hirer owns their own mailing lists and social media contacts but are encouraged to “tag in” LeAnanda Yoga” in social media posts where appropriate. And likewise, we will do the same in return.

10d      The hirer may leave flyers or cards in LeAnanda Yoga hall way shelf only if on a Monthly Programme, but may not put up posters or notices without consent.  Flyers and cards should not advertise classes or therapy or events elsewhere without consent.

10e      The hirers classes and events at LeAnanda Yoga may be mentioned in LeAnanda Yoga’s newsletters, social media and other publicity at LeAnanda Yoga’s discretion (And in line with the monthly programme agreement) unless LeAnanda Yoga is asked not to. 

10f       Hirer’s are responsible for their own Data Protection compliance.

10g       Studio teachers on the 60/40 percentage split are not permitted to “steal” LeAnanda Yoga Client data but may be required to contact students booked into their classes should there be a reason for last minute communication.

11. Health and Safety

11a       All hirers must complete their own risk assessments for sessions, classes or events at LeAnanda Yoga and provide these to LeAnanda Yoga on request.

11b      Hirers must take a proactive responsibility for Health and Safety in the premises and notify LeAnanda Yoga of any safety issues.

11c       Hirer’s Health and Safety responsibilities include:

ci) checking the premises are safe and secure on exit including setting the alarm if no one else is in the building

cii) Closing all windows

ciii) Locking studio and/or therapy room doors

ciiii) Turn heaters & radiators off (or set as instructed), If thermostat in kitchen turned to ON or boost it must be set back to TIMED on exit to avoid wasting precious energy and incurring costs. Leanne will show you how to do this.

cv) Spillages or trip hazards cleared

cvi) Premises are left clean and tidy including kitchens and toilets. (Leave them as you’d expect to find them)

cvii) Checking toilet lights are turned off on exit

11d      If there are any injuries or accidents suffered on the premises, to hirers or their students/client, then a written report must be made to LeAnanda Yoga within 24 hours by email to Leanne Jones, detailing the circumstances of the incident.

115e     LeAnanda Yoga is responsible for maintaining the First Aid kit which is in the toilet cupboard. The nearest Defibrillator is at Walford Mill Surgery, but also at Waitrose & The Green Man Pub if needed.   Hirers must notify LeAnanda Yoga if the First Aid kit used, or defibrillator is needed.

11f       Hirers should acquaint themselves with the location of the First Aid kit and Deliberator.

11g       Hirers should maintain a register, with contact details, of everyone attending their classes, and make this available to LeAnanda Yoga on request, its good practice and needed for insurance purposes.

11h      Please contact Leanne if the fire alarm goes off by accident. Obviously call the emergency services if needed first!

11i)      Please encourage students to bring their own equipment OR ask students to wipe down any equipment they use (With the exception of bolsters, blankets & straps) after every class. This is good practice following the pandemic.

12. Kitchen use

12a)      We have a small kitchen available on the first floor shared with the neighbouring offices where you can have complimentary teas for practitioners and your clients (MIDDLE SHELF ONLY & HERBAL TEAS). Please be considerate, if you are using a lot, please consider donating to the tea/coffee facilities as you see fit.

12b)     There is a fridge in the kitchen any cows milk belongs to the other office so please do not help yourself to this unless stated on the bottle. You may use the fridge for your lunch etc but please remember to take your food & belongings home.

12c)      If you use any mugs please wash and dry them after use and put back in the cupboard.


13. Other Hirer info

13a)      We really want this to work out for you and will support you where we can within reason to build your client base.

13b)     As we strive to serve our community into keeping their bodies and minds fit, healthy & uplifted, please put their happiness and freedom before yours. Be selfless & authentic in your efforts and people will come.

13c)      In continuation of the Goddess Agreement ways of working and Yogic codes of ethical conduct.

·       Ahimsa: Do not cause harm to others in thought word or deed

·       Satya: Do not lie. Tell us the truth, we respect that and likewise we will speak our truth. If you have a problem, speak to us first.

·       Asteya: Do not steal. Don’t take anything doesn’t belong to you.

·       Brahmacharya: Use your energy wisely.

·       Aparigraha: Give generously and it will come back to you. You can’t buy spiritual wealth!

13d)     Please be mindful, LeAnanda Yoga studio & Therapy room is predominately run by Leanne a working mum of 2 and is doing her best!!

13e)     Karma credits if anyone can pick up the slack or has additional skills they can bring and share with the tribe that will benefit us all. There’s no ‘I’ in team.


Signed by Leanne Jones for LeAnanda Yoga

L Jones

Below to completed and signed by the hirer

Please confirm you are happy for us to use your Business Phone number to promote your business and/or pass on to new/potential clients
Please confirm you are happy for us to use your business email to promote your business within ours and pass on to new/potential clients
Please confirm which Programme you are signing up for
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