(Lee-Anan-da Yoga)

Who or what is LeAnanda Yoga?

Pronunciation – Lee-Anan-da Yoga (Yes I feel the need to put that there because everyone gets it wrong!) It's a combination of my name Leanne and the Sanskrit word Ananda which means Bliss, clever hey? I thought so.

I’m a Jivamukti Yoga and Hatha Yoga teacher. I've been practicing since 2008, teaching since 2011. I’ve taught in London, Cambridge, India and more recently Dorset and I’m pleased to have met so many gorgeous humans and a few very special teachers along the way.
I started practicing after a desperate moment when I felt like driving my car off the road because I honestly thought that the world would be a better place without me (resonate?) Thankfully I didn't, and thankfully my doctor recommended trying yoga, so I did. From that 1st class I knew yoga would change my life and that It was something I wanted to share with other people.

I met my teacher Andrea Kwiatkowski in 2011 when I started my British of Wheel of Yoga training and through that I found the Jivamukti Yoga method. I was mentored by and assisted Andrea for 3 years. Working as a Menswear buyer at the time and in my late 20’s, my head was firmly up my own ass. I compared myself to others, A lot! The assisting and mentorship experience is very humbling and has taught me that yoga is a practice of getting over yourself….it really is. Then I had the first of my 2 children in 2014, and boy was that an awakening (resonate?). Since then, guess what? I've REALLY been learning how to Get over myself!

My classes aim to share the little gems of wisdom I've gleaned over the years through personal, direct experience and insight and through the inspiration of all my Guru’s. Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings, so my life's (and many more lives) work is to learn to live a contented life in harmony with all beings. I chose a predominantly vegan diet and in my spare time am learning to tend the earth and grow food on our allotment with my children and partner. That's part of our practice.
May you all be happy and free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

And if you’re interested in the fine detail, read on:

2008 - works for a big online mens underwear business, gets incredibly stressed, anxious, self confidence shattered, depressed and wants to run herself off the road in her car.
Also 2008 - Goes to doctors, gets antidepressants, referred to yoga and counselling, starts the healing process. Meets first yoga teacher Katy Lowe at a local gym.

2008-2010 - regularly attends 2-3 classes a week with Katy and various teachers at the gym.

2010 - Takes BWY Yoga Foundation course with Sarah Harris in Letchworth.

2011 - Starts 500hr British Wheel of Yoga teacher training with Andrea Kwiatkowsk and starts teaching beginners.

2012 -Qualifies in Jivamukti Yoga 300hr intensive training, another life changing moment.

2011-2014 - Was mentored by and assisted Andrea at various regional and national events and graduated from BWY teacher training.

2014 - Trained in Thai Yoga Massage in London with Ralf Marzen of Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage. Got pregnant, had my first child, moved back to Dorset, spent a lot of time being anxious, crying, not coping, going to mum and baby groups, breast feeding, changing nappies, washing, cleaning, washing, cleaning, washing cleaning, you get the point.

2015 - Completed exams for Thai Yoga Massage and started practicing at Back In Balance Chiropractic, Wimborne.

2016 - Missing the Yoga tribe I’d grown fond of, I reached out to Acharaya Bankim Gossai who is the preacher/teacher of a London Hindu Temple Maha Lakshmi Vidya Bhavan. He gave me my spiritual name Leela-Devi (sometimes spelt Lila, means playful or the play and drama of life, Devi means Goddess) we have become great friends and I’m learning to grow into my name.

2017 - I met my Reiki Master teacher, who came to me for a Thai Yoga Massage. We bonded instantly. I went for a treatment with her and continued the Self healing process through her magical hands, listening ears and ability to provide a nurturing space. I had my first attunement and Completed my Level 1 Reiki whilst pregnant with my 2nd child.

2018 - Completed a magical Yoga immersion weekend in London with my Guru Sharon Gannon.

The studio space

We wanted to create a space that’s clean, warm and welcoming, so you feel able to relax into your practice. When you arrive, there are boxes to leave your belongings in and coat hooks, we ask that you please leave your shoes in front of the boxes and not wear them into our sacred space.

As Wimborne’s 1st dedicated space for yoga & massage therapy, we have fully equipped the studio with Yoga Blocks, Yoga Bricks, Yoga Straps, Yoga Bolsters, blankets & eye pillows. We have some spare mats too but recommend you bring your own for hygiene purposes. We also request props are sanitised after use.

We can fit up to 10 students and some classes are full so booking online in advance is essential.
LeAnanda Yoga Studio - outside.jpg

Class Timetable

Dec 11 - Dec 17