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Hannah Clark

Yoga Teacher

Service & Availability

Thank Goddess its Friday - XL class - Gentle and rejuvenating

Fourth Friday of each month

19:00 - 21:00 - (120 minute class)


About Hannah

I remember sitting in a church hall at a yoga class with my mum when I was about 5 years old.  I remember the tiny details like the teacher telling us to relax each finger in turn.  Even though it was much later that I found my practice, I think that early experience laid a foundation of the path for me.

I have now been practising yoga for over 10 years.  When my first daughter was very young, I turned to yoga in earnest.  For me it provided some space, some calm and some time to regain me; to bring a slightly dazed and fraught body, mind and spirit back together. It was at this time that I completed my BWY foundation course.  Then 4 years later after the birth of my second daughter I completed my BWY teacher training. My yoga practice and my inspiring teacher have given me the strength and courage to do things I never thought I would.

In class I love to provide people the space they need, a safe space on their mat where nothing else needs their attention.  To move, to breathe, to listen in, to connect more deeply.  Yoga is so powerful and can offer such healing and harmony. I hope to help you find a little bit of that magic.

About the class/Session

Let your week drift away and find the space to reconnect with your inner Goddess.

This XL class offers a gentle and rejuvenating yoga practice with much focus on the breath and a journey into meditation. Hannah & Tamsin with their expertise, will bring both eastern and western approaches to the class. After a gentle physical practice, there will be time to sit, chat and enjoy the nurturing and supportive atmosphere that is created by a circle of women. The class will be guided by a monthly topic or activity or simply led by the group. Together we create a safe space to delve a little deeper into the sacred feminine, discussing how best to tackle specific feminine issues of today.

Wine & nibbles provided to enhance the flow of discussion! (Optional 😉 or herbal tea if you’d prefer)

The class is suitable for all from beginners to seasoned yogis.

So come along to chill, chat and have a cheeky tipple (it is Friday night after all).

Hannah Clark
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