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Quick Poll for change of class on Thursday evenings.

We are looking to change the Thursday 6:30-7:30pm Hatha class to the "Relax & unwind" class" - This is because we are seeing so many depleted nervous systems, achy bodies and fraught minds coming into the studio. The relax and unwind class has been very popular on Friday afternoons but we know a lot of you can't make it due to work commitments. It's a floor-based class, inspired by Yin & restorative yoga, using props to hold and support the body for longer periods. There are no sun salutations, so a much slower pace with fewer poses but they are held for longer periods getting a deeper stretch and sense of relaxation with spiritual readings throughout to focus and reflect on.

Note: Monday evenings Hatha (Back to Back classes will stay the same)

So please let us know your thoughts below.

Changing the class from Hatha to "Relax & Unwind"... Your thoughts

  • Hatha is my usual class - I like it - Keep Hatha

  • It's my usual class - But I dont mind if it changes to Relax

  • Yes - Change it to Relax & Unwind, I need that!

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